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AAARRRGGHHHH!!! I can't believe there is only ONE day left to do this delightful meme! And to top it all off, I accidentally left my camera at home and there were some killer pictures I wanted to take on my way home from work!!!! *sobs* Ah, well, I will just have to make up for it tomorrow, on the last day!!!

7:20 AM: Morning sun in the back yard.

7:45 AM: Bathroom plants need water.

7:47 AM: Poor dehydrated bathroom plants.

7:48 AM: Trying to curl my @!!&*%$#!!! hair!

6:30 PM: Working on Spanish translation. XD ♥

7:30 PM: Watching Ed try to program his VCR.

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Ha! You have the funniest look on your face! Heeee!


LOL. *facepalm* I don't know why I bother...curlers don't help! Nothing can make my hair curly! :(

I've been really enjoying this, these brief glimpses of your life, so by all means if you want to do more days... *grin* Did Ed manage to program that VCR?

LOL. I may do this meme again in the future!
No, sorry to say, Ed could not figure out how to do it! XD

Love that pic of the morning sun in the backyard!
Oh, those poor plants... how ironic is it that they are next to a source of water, yet are dehydrated XD
Trying to curl my @!!&*%$#!!! hair!

Love that pic of the morning sun in the backyard!

Mmmm...I wish I could bottle it!

LOL. I swear that the plants survive on the condensation from the shower!

My hair is impermeable to any attempt at curling it!!! XD

Look at this: http://www.wtowshop.de/produkt.php?products_id=486&language=en

I have no idea how easy or hard it would be to find in Canada - my salon here does them. Wella Headlines are like a perm, but it washes out gradually over time, so you don't end up with straight roots. You can't get straighter than my hair - and this really works for me!


(not that you're not totally cute... but I know what it's like to HATE straight hair!!)

You have a swimming pool in your back yard? OMG!!! *is envious*

OMG, that pic of you curling your hair! I know it was very evil of me to giggle, but I just couldn't help it. *glomps all over you* <3!!!!!

Oooh, Spanish translation? Is that what I think it is? (And before you even think it, NO, I don't want to rush you at all!) I love your dictionary - wish I had one too!

Watching Ed try to program his VCR.
Haha - try? ;)

Awesome pics, once again! Oh, I love this meme. :) (And sorry for the delay, I suck at catching up... *bites lip*)

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