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I was going to make a movie review entry tonight but had to fill in a number of forms today which took all my 'writing' time! So I'll just make a quick post.

Yesterday I went to see the travel agent about booking my trip to Europe. I gave him a list of the places I want to visit, with a wish list of hotels. We also discussed whether it is better to fly or use the train between certain countries. So it looks like my itinerary will be:
April 25 - fly to Amsterdam
April 27 or 28 - fly to Munich
From Munich to Augsburg
(I'm not sure of dates here)
Back to Munich, then fly to Naples, Italy
From Naples fly to Sevilla, Spain
(I want to be in Sevilla for May 3rd)
After that go to Cadiz
Possibly take train to Madrid, then back to Cadiz
From Cadiz to Lisbon
(May 11)
Fly home from Lisbon
I'm going to allow time to take an extra week if I think we need it.
*squeees* I'm so excited and there's 5 months left to go!

Olivia is going to fly home for Christmas. While at the travel agent's I bought her a return ticket from Vancouver to Toronto and mailed it to her today. She'll be coming in on December 21st and will return on the 29th. It will be good to see her again!

I had a dental appointment this morning to fix a chipped tooth. I had broken it on an almond. Here's a tip: always soak raw almonds in water for a few hours before eating them so they'll be soft. They still taste great, but won't be able to break your teeth!

Next Wednesday I have an appointment with a surgeon that we know (he's a neighbour of my boss) to see about getting some cosmetic surgery done. LOL. Now, before you laugh at me, it's to remove two HUGE brown moley things on the side of my face that have bugged me for years. They're not cancerous or anything, but I hate them. They've got to go.

What else? Ah. I got all Christmas-y and went to a cute little gift store near the dentist's and bought a couple of Christmas decorations. I didn't need them, but I was in the mood and couldn't help myself. They are wooden cardinals - my favourite birds!

Tomorrow is Sean's 6th birthday! I bought him a cake, some candles that spell his name, and a big '6'. And I brought out all the presents I bought him to wrap and then hide once again so the little dickens won't find them before the big day! He wanted to celebrate his birthday in the morning before he goes to school! I told him, "Sean, NOBODY celebrates their birthday at 7:30 in the morning! You'll go to school first, THEN we'll have your party afterwards!" LOL. Luckily, Friday is a Professional Activity Day for the teachers, which means NO SCHOOL! So he gets a long weekend!

Today I received my latest order of DVDs from Amazon. I got the Tudors second season, Queer As Folk's first season, and two Pablo Echarri movies. Pablo is an Argentine actor I fell in love with when I watched him in 'El Metodo' - The Method, as well as 'Plata Quemada' - Burnt Money. The films I just bought are 'Sin Escape' and 'No Debes Estar Aqui'.

Right. So after I put Sean to bed I will settle down to watch one of these films and if it's good, I'll add it to my review list!

That's all for now! Sorry for the lame post. I'll do better next time, I promise!

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Whatever are you doing in Augsburg of all places?

Also, I'm only ca. an hour away from there. Wanna meet up?

I have another online friend in Augsburg and I was going to stop by and visit her! She loves Bayern Munich so we are hoping to go to a game as well. I am traveling with my daughter Olivia, to show her some of Europe!

And of course I would LOVE to hook up! That would be marvelous! Remember we had talked about it a couple of years ago? Now it will come to pass! Fantastic!

I have 3 huge moley things I'd like removed but my HMO says no. Blah.

Not a lame post! I'm glad to see you pop up!


LOL. I saw a plastic surgeon a few years ago about the brown spots but he said it would leave scars if he removed them. However, now they are bugging me and I think this other surgeon can laser them off. He's a cosmetic surgeon so hopefully he won't leave big scars or anything.
Thank you, sweetie. Gradually, bit by bit, I should ease back into the LJ comm and possibly even write something again! I'd love to, anyway. We'll see how it goes!

So this Dutchie wants to know how much time you have in Amsterdam :) I am not sure how to manage it since the baby girl will be small... but well you never know right?

Happy birthday Sean! *grin*

I just got my dates finalized today! The flights have been booked and the agent is working on the hotels and the rail pass(es). We'll be flying to Amsterdam on April 23, arriving at 11:35 your time. We leave for Munich on April 26, flying out in the morning. So we will have 3 days there. If it's possible to do, I'd LOVE to meet you!

OMG you're coming to Munich! *bounce bounce bounce bounce*

I really hope we'll get the chance to meet up - and if you want any help / tips in planning, please let me know!!!

*bounces around some more*

PS - I had some itchy moles removed from my back, it didn't really hurt, but took a little while to heal over - you may want to shop for little cosmetic band-aids you can use for a while. good luck *hugs*

PPS - happy birthday Sean!

OMG yes!!!
I'd LOVE the chance to meet you!
We'll be flying from Amsterdam to Munich on April 26, arriving at 11:00. Our hotel is the Laimer Hof Munich. It sounded like fun, kind of unique, and central, so we thought it would be good! Do you know it at all? We'll be there at least one night, although we are going to Augsburg to see Bill and will be staying at a hotel there as well.

Thanks for the tips on the bandaids and Sean thanks you for the b'day wishes! He actually took over my new camera and took 249 pictures of HIS birthday party! I'll have to post some of them later!

*more bouncing*

I had a quick look at the Laimer Hof - it looks adorable! Location is a bit away from the centre of town, but relatively easy to reach via streetcar.

Go Sean - sounds like quite the photographer! Glad to hear he had fun, birthdays are so awesome when you're little.

So you're coming the weekend FCB plays Schalke in Munich - interested in going to the game? I can't promise anything, but if you want, I can keep my eyes peeled for tickets... :D

OMG!!!! If you could get tickets for the Bayern-Schalke game I WOULD DIE!!!!!!! Seriously, I would JUST DIE!!!!! But I won't hold my breath, just in case! I'm sure we would be just as happy visiting the stadium and buying shirts and stuff in their store!

*squeeeees* I thought the Laimer Hof looked sweet! I'm sure we will have a great time there! How is Munich for taxis? We were so used to using taxis in Spain & Portugal because they were so cheap, plentiful and so easy to use to go everywhere!

Yikes! Missed this one... have been travelling. *sigh*

I'll do what I can on tickets - cross your fingers for me! In any case, the stadium is totally cool. I haven't taken a tour there, but I've heard it's awesome.

Am SO EXCITED you're coming *bounces some more*

Don't forget to write / shout if you want help as you're making your plans - but it sounds like you're doing great :-D

LOL. It's okay.
Re: tickets. Do you want me to send you some cash for this ahead of time? I don't mind.
I will keep my fingers crossed but I won't get my hopes up that we will be able to get tickets, but it would be such a thrill!

I an so excited about going to Munich that I can hardly contain myself! *squeeees* Even if I don't get to see a Bayern game.

Most of my hotels are available and I should be able to confirm reservations soon. Thanks for offering to help, but it's all pretty easy to do this stuff! I can't wait!

YAY Europe trip! That is so exciting!! :) I leave for Switzerland in a week!! Eeee! :)

Hope your appointment goes well! Also, happy bday Sean :)

Oooh I'm interested to hear about the Argie films! :)

Ooohhh! Switzerland!!! That will be very exciting for you!
I won't have time to take in Switzerland on my next trip, but someday I hope to go there!
The Argie films were good, not great, but Pablo Echarri is love.♥

Can't WAIT to see you! And meet Olivia, too! So much fun, we're going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!

You're going to Naples? *DED*

Happy B-Day, Sean :D

I can't WAIT either!
My travel agent called me today and I went in to finalize a couple of things!
We will be flying to Amsterdam on KLM on April 23rd. We will arrive at 11:35 your time. The hotel I had originally chosen, the Marriott, costs $475 per night for a double room, so I had to choose another hotel because that's just nuts! LMAO. Olivia and I will be there for 3 nights, so that would have been prohibitive. I chose the Eden Hotel instead, which was also expensive at half the price of the Marriott! But the Eden is in the city centre so it should be fine. What do you think? Is it OK or have I landed us in the red-light district? LOL.

OMFG, yes! When I decided on Naples I had to add an extra week to the vacation! You should come with us! We will fly to Naples from Munich on April 30th and from there to Madrid on May 4th. *squeeeees* So we will have plenty of time to stalk Lavezzi and Denis during the 4 nights we will be there!
Oh god, I just can't wait!!!!!!

Wow your trip sounds fabulous!!

Have a great b/day Sean!!!

Thank you!
I can't wait for the trip!
And Sean thanks you for the b'day wishes!

I'm so happy for you!

Happy Birthday to your little sweetheart!

Movie time. I have still to watch 'El Metodo' and 'Plata Quemada'. Too much football....
Have seen 'Maria Full Of Grace' beautiful movie about a girl, 'Testosterone' simply GREAT and surprising, 'The Devils Backbone' one of the best! snd 'Habana Blues' a bitter sweet little movie.

Thank you!
He had a wonderful birthday party! He was so thrilled.

Those movies you haven't watched yet are great movies. And OMG - I've just finished watching 2 more Pablo Echarri movies. I am in love with this Argentine actor now more than ever.

The other movies you mentioned and haven't seen yet are also great movies!

Six years old have all the right to be thrilled *smiles*

I have always difficulties to find a torrent :( and if I have one I cannot watch or something like this, but I try it again. I wanna watch the movies.
I wanna understand spanish!!!

Your trip to Europe sounds great. How long will you stay in Bavaria? I was living in Franconia for nearly 5 years and have a friend in Munich so I know my way around a bit. If you have the time maybe you'd like to visit Regensburg. It's really a small town but it has a beautiful historic centre the likes of which I haven't seen outside of Italy. Many old patrician houses and stuff.

If you like museums (or you have too much time left or the weather sucks etc. etc.) you could also visit the Alte Pinakothek in Munich. It has a quite impressive collection of paintings but it's not too big to manage in a few hours.

I'd love to go to Naples too. I know my way around Tuscany and Rome quite well but haven't yet come to visit the South. Naples and Sicily are definitely on my list. If you're looking for stuff to do and it's to your taste you could visit the temples of Paestum. It's a bit of a way to drive from Naples but I think it might be worth the effort (at least if your only half as much into old stuff as I am ;-P).

Anyway, make sure to take a lot of photos and show them to us once you're back! :)

I have to admit you shocked me a bit when I read the words "plastic surgery" in your post! You never struck me as someone who'd have her nose done or stuff. ;) But moles are okay. I have two on my back that I think are rather sexy but I wouldn't want to have them in my face either!

Tell Sean a late "happy birthday" from me! Did he at least get his presents before he went to school? Back when I was little I had to wait for the afternoon to have my party too (or even for the next weekend!) but I was always allowed to unwrap my gifts in the early morning. ;)

Good to know you're all doing well!

I will be in Bavaria for 4-5 days. Thanks for your helpful advice about different places to visit. I have an online friend in Augsburg and will be going to see her as well during that time.
I love old stuff! Truly! I hope to visit many places in Italy and soak up some of the culture and history.
Oh, I will probably take even more pictures than I did last year when I went to Spain & Portugal, and I took over 800 there! LOL.
My moley things are bugging me lately, although they never did before. Technology is better now too, so hopefully there won't be any scarring.
Thanks for your b'day wishes for Sean! Oh no, we made him wait until after school to open his pressies! If we'd let him do it earlier he never would have wanted to go to school and we would have had early morning drama! And they always do something for the birthday kids in his classroom, so he would have missed that! Plus, I had to get off to work, too! Maybe when he is older and can handle it better, we'll let him celebrate his birthday starting in the morning!

I think you'll love Italy. I for my part like it very, very much. The culture, the food, the people... :)

800 photos? Wow! I haven't yet managed to scan in my 120 or so from my trip to Florence. Yes, I'm an old-fashioned girl with an analogue camera but this I want to show some of my own photos when I post about my vacation (which was more than 2 months ago...). ;)

Now that you mention it, I have no idea how old I was when I was allowed to unwrap my presents before school. I guess at Sean's age that might have not yet been the case... I'd probably have rather played with my new barbie horse (or whatever) than to go to school! :)

I've never been to Italy, I've only caught a few travelogues on TV. LOL. I'm attracted by the food, the scenery, the men....what can I say?
Oh god...*facepalm*...I've only managed to get about 300 printed so far and it's been over a year now. And I've been working on my scrapbook that long as well!

Yeah, Sean's a bit too young and wayyyy too hyper to encourage him in anything like unwrapping his presents early! I can't wait for Christmas! LOL.

Oh yeah, the Italian men... you won't be disappointed. ;) Seriously, I never received more compliments than when travelling in Italy. Watch out for the Carabinieri; I always thought they were particularly attractive. ;)

OMG, I'm so late to this. *hangs head in shame*

Seems you have it all planned out! That's so awesome! I can't wait to finally meet you! I could come to Munich when you're there and meet up with you and stern_suedens, if you want that. I always enjoy seeing her, and I'm sure that would be great fun! :D And of course, you're all invited to my flat in Augsburg. =) I so wish I could join you when you travel to Spain and Portugal, but I don't think I'll have enough money next year. I've only just gotten my new job, and I think I'll need more time to save up enough for this trip. But I'm sure you'll go to Europe again, and then I'll definitely join you. :D

"Sean, NOBODY celebrates their birthday at 7:30 in the morning! You'll go to school first, THEN we'll have your party afterwards!"
LOL, your son is too cute! XDDD

Have you had the surgery already? If not, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! I'd had a mole removed when I was a kid because it was on my thigh and annoyed the hell out of me, so I know what it's like.

Did you get the English or the American "Queer as Folk"? :)

It would be great if you came to Munich, but I was planning to visit Augsburg too, and stay at the InterCity Hotel for a night. However, my travel agent still has to book the hotels, so when he calls me in to go over that, we'll see what he's done!
Don't worry, Bill, I will be back! And we can keep in touch, and when you have enough dinero saved, then we can go to Spain! I'll probably want to go somewhere else besides Sevilla, but I have to get the place out of my system first! Sevilla was perfect for me! I don't like really BIG cities that much, but I love medium-sized and smallish ones!

Sean is hilarious. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff he does. We are always in stitches over his antics! (That means we laugh so hard we split our sides, hence need stitches! LOL.)

No, I won't be having the surgery until February because the OR time was busy before then! My surgery is considered 'cosmetic' so I haz to wait for the more important stuff!

I got the American 'Queer As Folk'. Why, is the British one better? The American one got good reviews! WAAAAHHHHH!!!! I hope I got the right one! I haven't watched it (them) yet because I'm still watching and drooling over the Argentine films!!!

Movie reviews imminent!!!

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