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Well, sadly, today is the last day of the 'Week In The Life' meme. It's been great fun. I went a little crazy today, taking 45 photos in all. I'm agonizing over how to pare them down to eight, but will do my best.

On Saturdays I usually watch football. I have lots of games to choose from. For instance, here is today's list of possibilities:


7:30 AM - Arsenal vs Reading
9:45 AM - Fulham vs Liverpool
12:15 PM - Blackburn vs Manchester United
3:15 PM - West Ham vs Derby
5:00 PM - Middlesbrough vs Bolton
After that, repeats.


2:00 PM - Barcelona vs Espanyol
4:00 PM - Sevilla vs Almeria
6:00 PM - Atletico Madrid vs Real Betis
8:00 PM - America vs Junior (Colombian League)


2:30 PM - Fiorentina vs Palermo
5:00 PM - Tecos vs Tigres (Mexican League)
9:00 PM - Argentine Highlights Show

Problem: we had to go out today to visit Olivia in her apartment. She needed Ed to fix a couple of things that were broken and then we were going to have lunch out. Her boyfriend is sick today and can't help her out. Olivia lives in the city, so we watched the Arsenal game and then left at 10:00 AM to go visit Olivia.

Here are the pics from our day. Sorry, I tried to make it only eight, but failed.

7:30 AM: Arsenal game-getting ready.

Around 8:15 AM: Cesc walks toward ball.

10:30 AM: Escarpment.

10:35 AM: Valley.

11:00 AM: Whittamore's Farm.

11:30 AM: Olivia's apartment building.

11:35 AM: Olivia in her apartment.

1:30 PM: A cityscape.

1:40 PM: The restaurant.

1:41 PM: Olivia prepares to go inside.

1:55 PM: We share nachos.

2:00 PM: My salad.

2:01 PM: Olivia's dinner.

3:30 PM: Stand of trees.

3:50 PM: Roadside wood carvings.

That's it. Over and out.

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How does Olivia keep her figure, eating like that???


LOL. Her boyfriend is a personal trainer and he works with her. When I asked her how to get washboard abs like she has, she told me that jogging really helps. (oh, yeah...me, jog???)

I didn't take a picture of the brownie with whipped cream that we shared for dessert. XD

Arsenal shirt! Yay! So glad my Gunners won (hope we can still take second place and skip CL play-offs).

Love all the pics of the landscape, so beautiful!

OMG, Olivia is so pretty! LOL and all that food looks delicious!

Kind of sad the meme is over :/

Whee! This was fun! AND LJ loaded the pictures, double yay!

Maybe I will try to do this, even though my week is going to be busy as hell. :)

Mmmmmm... totally the wrong thing to read just before I leave for lunch - man am I hungry!! :)

Great pics - looks like you have a ways to go until Spring comes your way, though... it's started here already.

And I'm totally with you. Jogging? Yeah right, if a pack of wild rabid dogs was after me! My secret is yoga - much less sweating, and still works on the abs. And lots of time to daydream about the next drabbles you're going to write hihihi

48 pics????? AWESOME!!! :D Well, if it were up to me, you could have shown us all of them. :D

And can I say once again how ENVIOUS I am of your football channels? I'd never leave the couch! :D I probably would have watched the Liverpool game and the Bolton game - and the Argie Highlights Show, of course. :D

You have an Arsenal jersey? That's great!

Oh wow, beautiful landscape pics again! *admires*

OHAI, Olivia! *waves* :D Does she know what you were taking the pics for? :)

OH GOD, NACHOS. *dies* So so so yummy!

Thanks for doing this meme, I really enjoyed this most exciting glimpse into your life! :) I'm a bit sad the week is over already and there won't be any more pics, but I suppose you're glad it's over. ;)


OMG!!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*!!!!!!!



I LOVE the CD!!! It is WONDERFUL!!! I've been listening to it and can't wait to take it to work and play it for my co-workers!!!

And the candies! They are so fresh and delicious! The kids love them!!!


48 pics, yes! I loved doing this meme and went overboard on my last day!
OMG my football channels, I know! I usually highlight 8 games to watch every Saturday & Sunday, but most of them I can only watch a part of!!! However, I am completely in love with River Plate this season and if it is on, like it was last Sunday night, then I watch it uninterrupted!!!! XDDD

OMFG I went out last week and bought THREE JERSEYS!!! Arsenal, River Plate and the Argie NT away jersey! (The dark blue one!) *squeeeees*

OMG the landscapes are nice, aren't they? I thought they turned out very well! LOL.

Yes, I told Olivia why I was taking the pics. She understood because she has Facebook. LOL.

I was good and only ate, like, 2 nachos. XD

I LOVED this meme! Thank you for suggesting it! I LOVE YOU!!!♥

OMG! I never said a proper "thank you"!!!


You're more than welcome! :D

Eep, sorry for the late reply!

OMG, I'm so glad the package arrived!!! I was a bit worried, considering that my Christmas card didn't arrive, so I'm more than relieved now! :D And yay, glad you like the CD! It means a lot to me because it took such a long time to put it together. :D

Hee, I don't know much about the Argentinean league at all, but I've always had a weakness for River because my favourite Argentinean players come from there. :D I'm glad they're doing well at the moment! :)

Am very envious of that River jersey, by the way. ;)

I'm so so so glad that you chose to do this meme, and I'm even more glad that you enjoyed it so much! It was so interesting to live your week with you! :D


I am going to steal your jersey and Cesc! *steals*

Oh sure! Go ahead and steal them! LOL.

Just wondering how you are...? :D


Oh honey, I'm still here! I've been busy, but soon I will make a post! You can find me on my alter ego, just_jenni most of the time, since I have become obsessed with soccer. LOL.


I saw your post but I've been eaten alive by work and RL! I just miss ya is all... you soccer fiend, you! :D

LOL. I've been watching so much of the Olympics that I haven't posted yet, but I will soon, I promise! I miss you too!♥

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