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Today I am brutally tired and couldn't take really great photos. But it's a typical day of dragging my ass around at work and then coming home. LOL.

6:15 AM: Turn on Ed's laptop.

8:35 AM: Dead tree by stream.

1:15 PM: Lunch-time grocery shopping.

1:45 PM: Just time to grab some fast food.

2:05 PM: Lunch bolted down in staff room.

4:45 PM: Car needed gas on way home.

5:05 PM: Emptying dishwasher.

I'm sorry, everybody. Better stuff is sure to happen tomorrow!!

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Tree! More exciting than my day...

I totally wanted to take a pic of myself at the petrol station, but then I considered all the regulations they have about mobile phones so I didn't dare to take my camera out. ;)

Mmmh. Fast food. My guilty pleasure. :D But you rock for having a salad as well! =)

LOL. I was waiting all week for the car to run out of gas so I could go to the Canadian Tire and take a photo!!!XD

*facepalm* I felt so guilty about the fast food! But they allowed me to substitute the french fries for a salad and the soda pop for apple juice. XD

LMFAO! Did you put a pic of Miguel Torres up as a desktop on Ed's computer? ILU.

Oooooh, now I want a burger!

What really strikes me is the space you guys have, like the locations of the shops and all. The Netherlands is such a Hobbit-sized country, LOL, there's not much space and ground is expensive. Your landscape pics remind me of Sweden.

LMFAO! Did you put a pic of Miguel Torres up as a desktop on Ed's computer? ILU.
I certainly did. XD

Oooooh, now I want a burger!
Go for it, honey. It will be so worth it!

Yes. That's what I was hoping to show. The wide-open spaces. I'd love to visit Sweden one day.XD

Hehehe and all of us turning our heads in various angles to figure out a) who's on ed's desktop, b) what are you eating? Curious? Us? Naaaah

LOL. (a)It's Miguel Torres. He plays for Real Madrid. Here's a pic of him:


(b) It is a 'tendercrisp chicken' sandwich, a garden salad with a packet of balsamic vinaigrette and apple juice. XD

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